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Ad Critic: Dungeon Siege reaches new low

Joystiq Staff

Arstechnica reveals some downright pitiful in-game advertising that pops up in Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World. In case you don't know, Dungeon Siege is a fantasy game and for a developer to throw in actual real-world advertising in the mix is essentially breaking your own game.

The ad appears in a conversation between you and a character named Kerth. In the convo, Kerth informs you (with full-on voiceover) that he can hand over some special codes for the Dungeon Siege PSP game. Not exactly the kind of immersion we'd like to see in fantasy RPGs.

Wag of the finger to you Take Two. Please keep your nefarious commercial pitches out of our fantasy role-playing games. What's your stance on in-game ads making their way inside these kinds of games?

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