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Extended Maintenance for Many US Realms


Well, the maintenance window for numerous realms has been pushed back to 1:00 PM PDT. Some of the realms on this list were the ones undergoing hardware maintenance today, but not all of those are of those are still offline. Further, some realms that weren't having any sort of special maintenance today have extended downtime - so it's difficult to say what's causing the delay. Affected realms include Argent Dawn, Aggramar, Arthas, Azgalor, Bleeding Hollow, Bloodhoof, Burning Blade, Burning Legion, Durotan, Earthen Ring, Elune, Eonar, Eredar, Gilneas, Gorefiend, Kargath, Laughing Skull, Lightning's Blade, Llane, Lothar, Magtheridon, Malygos, Mannoroth, Medivh, Muradin, Shadow Moon, Shattered Hand, Skullcrusher, Stormrage, Thunderhorn, Thunderlord, Warsong, and Zul'jin.

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