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Micro-display sales broken down by type

Matt Burns
Save ran across some interesting numbers relating to the micro-display technology. They are rather predictable but interesting to look at nether-the-less. We agree with as they don't really do anything for us but show that LCOS based technology is making a run for top slot. Keep in mind that Sony's SXRD and JVC HD-ILA technology is essentially proprietary versions of LCOS and therefore worked into these numbers. It is not surprising that as LCOS numbers increase, LCDs decrease as manufacturers move away from the once top competitor of DLPs to superior technology.

  • 2002: LCOS 2% LCD 82% DLP 16%
  • 2003: LCOS 1% LCD 53% DLP 46%
  • 2004: LCOS 3% LCD 53% DLP 44%
  • 2005: LCOS 9% LCD 50% DLP 41%
  • 2Q06: LCOS 17% LCD 39% DLP 45%


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