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Vizio launching two 42-inch LCDs - L42 & GV42L

Matt Burns

Vizio is working hard to fill our need for another major player in the LCD biz with the announcement of two modest-priced 42-inch LCDs. The two sets are nearly identical but they are going to be available at different mass retailers. The GV42 (pictured) is Costco's boy and will feature a 1366 x 768 resolution, a contrast of 1600:1, a 8 ms response time, and most importantly, a $1699 sticker price. The counterpart, the L42, is going to be sold at Sam's Club and features almost identical specs, sans the 800:1 contrast ratio and $1499 price. You know what these sets are, right? The hot sale items at their respective retailer's this holiday season.

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