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AOL acquires GameDaily


It seemed just like every other morning at the GameDaily offices. Writers furiously hunching over their laptops, an antiquated espresso machine spluttering in the background and an irate Chris Buffa demanding to know why the cleaners still hadn't removed the decomposing horse from his office. Alas, the quiet productivity came to a grinding halt as soon as the ceiling caved in and a dark shadow fell over the office complex. Moments later, squirming and screeching GameDaily employees were carried off by what witnesses could only label as a "giant ball of random stuff."

AOL's business katamari has officially picked up the GameDaily group and lumped it together with the AOL Games division. The AOL Games team will be integrated into GameDaily's editorial staff, though it is unclear at this time as to who will form the head. Ralph Rivera, Vice President and General Manager of AOL Games, explains that gaming sites "have become a valuable resource for advertisers wishing to reach the young male audience, and GameDaily is a brand that resonates with these highly sought after consumers. We look forward to continuing to serve this audience, maximizing GameDaily content with AOL's community features, and further expanding the AOL Games community."

To assuage the inevitable fears that an evil, corruptive force will somehow alter GameDaily's editorial content, it is worth pointing out that AOL acquired one Weblogs Inc. last year, a deal which included an obscure gadget blog and some other, thoroughly outrageous video game blog. We don't care who's pushing the ball -- we're enjoying the view, same as always. Welcome to the family, GameDaily.

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