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Stop the presses! Positive PS3 news!

Joystiq Staff

It's a rare thing nowadays to come upon gems like this, but we take every opportunity to do so when it pops up. In an interview with, Eidos' Ian Livingstone had some mighty positive things to say about Sony's PlayStation 3.

When asked what he thought of the inclusion of Blu-Ray and the role it played in the PS3's ultimate success, Livingstone had this to say:

It's extraordinary quality, that's the starting point. If people are seeking the ultimate machine, the PS3 is clearly the best spec machine as far as next-gen goes. As with all things in life, you have to pay for quality. It is absolutely beautiful to look at and you are getting virtual interactive cinema in the comfort of your own home. It's a very compelling selling point and Sony just has to educate people that yes, it's a lot of money, but it'll be worth it.

But it wasn't all daisies and lollipops. Livingstone did admit that Sony had a tough road ahead of them when it came to marketing the PS3 to the masses.

... they also appeal to a different consumer. Sony is going to have quite a lot of marketing to have to spend, to let consumers know that the PS3 is not just a games machine but a complete home entertainment system with Blu-ray. To get the consumers to understand exactly what that means, and how that justifies the cost of the hardware -- that's going to be the challenge for them.

Check out the full interview, because Livingstone had some great things to say about Eidos and the other consoles in the next-gen rat race.


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