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Why fanboys make for poor marketers


There are plenty of signs that indicate when a letter has been thoughtlessly composed by a fanboy and the latest one to violate our inboxes boasts nearly all of them. Punctuation and grammar are horrifying and alien concepts, logic is tossed away like an explosive javelin and any semblance of coherence is dangerously teetering on the edge of a dark abyss. In other words, it usually elicits a few good laughs. We present to you the unedited letter we received from a fanboy urging us to purchase a PS3 (hint: it's a very powerful super computer).

Sony PS3 is not a games console its actually a very powerful super computer because you can't have a games console which costs £425 people wouldn't buy it my PS3 magazine said that almost 50 percent of us say its better priced and some of us agreed that it was to expensive or cheap the main problem with PS3 is not the price at all its how many you are getting in the UK for last I heard they said there were going to be 4 million consoles shipped next year in March 2007 but you people have really got to respect Sony you can't say buy a 360 or Nintendo just because you can't afford the price on it its not Sony's fault and it isn't Kutaragi's either there is no point sitting on a sofa all day and night waiting for the PS3 to come out on launch day November 17th here is a list what you can do to wait for PS3

1. Enjoy what's on your PS2 collection at the moment

2. Just don't buy anymore games for PS2 wait until the new PS3 comes out

3. Get a Job earn money you need £425 so you can work hard for it but save it for PS3.

4. Watch your DVDs more and enjoy your collection and get all the new releases on DVD complete all PS1 and PS2 games

5. Don't waste money on 360 and Wii get a PS3 on launch day to get one you might have to pre - order it but you need to do that otherwise you won't get one you can get a good offer from GAME.

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