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Wii black! ... and some THQ games


So, how 'bout that super sweet black Wii? White is nice and all, but you know what they say about -- actually, there's really nowhere that joke can go except to court, so we're just going to say hurray for choice! The clean, mean white Wii we've seen over the past months is sleek and beautiful, but it's nice to get some flipside images. How will we ever decide come release date?

Oh, right, the rest of the story ... these images come courtesy of IGN, where their staffers got a chance to sit down with THQ for a Wii marathon with some of their launch games. Because our big daddy blog Joystiq knows what we really want (black Wii wins over Spongebob, y'all), they've compiled the best pictures for your drooling viewing pleasure. That's doubly nice, since the black Wii pics are now MIA at IGN. The IGN feature also includes some hands-on impressions of THQ's Wii-lease games: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Cars, the latest Spongebob title, and Barnyard, the game that offers us the chance at Wii darts we so crave.

[Thanks, Marc!]

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