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Breakfast Topic: WoW Background Music

David Nelson

I know several World of Warcraft players personally, and not a one of them listens to the soundtrack while playing anymore. I turned my music off after about a week. It wasn't that I didn't like it, I thought it was really good, but I just got sick of it after hearing the Iron Forge music for the fiftieth time. I can't imagine just my little circle of WoW friends being the only ones who have turned off the soundtrack, which makes me wonder, what exactly is it that everyone is listening to as they romp through Azeroth?

My best friend listens to In Flames at extremely high volume, which is a little too hardcore for me. Another buddy listens to classical music while playing, but that seems a little too boring. I have bounced back and forth between all kinds of different music, from Top 40 garbage to harder rock, but I seem to have settled on no music at all as of late. My newest WoW background obsession is Nick At Nite. I have seen every episode of Roseanne and The Fresh Prince about five times each since I started watching earlier this year, but even on their fifth viewing they are still the perfect mindless background. Stopping to drink? Glance up for 5 seconds and see Will calling Uncle Phil tubby. Recovering from a wipe? Watch Roseanne yell at Becky for a little while.

What provides the background music for your WoW experience? Is there a perfect soundtrack that would bring me back to listening to music while I play?

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