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Get ready to be Saint's Rowned!

Joystiq Staff

THQ announced that starting today they're going to begin "an extensive, multi-million dollar marketing campaign" for their upcoming 360 not-a-GTA-clone Saint's Row -- which launches Aug. 29. "We've put significant resources behind the Saints Row marketing campaign, generating tremendous buzz with creative grass roots efforts and the strategic timing of pre-release content," said Bob Aniello, senior VP of worldwide marketing for THQ. "... we believe extensive plans for post-launch downloadable content will further establish it as a must-have title this holiday season."

The downloadable content will include: new multiplayer levels, vehicles, clothing and other items. Now, if they're free, then holla at ya boy! If they're not, then that is very very weaksauce. Especially if the clothing and other items encompasses different colored bandannas.

As for other plans, it seems the French are getting something a little special from the THQ crew:

Other marketing methods THQ is implementing is a Saint's Row Xbox 360 bundle in France, midnight openings at select retail stores on release of the game, mobile SMS marketing via THQ Wireless and of course online previews on enthusiasts sites.

For those who want to see more, especially on the small screen, THQ will have a "sneak peak at the game during tonight's season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV."

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