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HDBeat Podcast 027 - 08.16.06

Trent Wolbe
We aim to please here at HDBeat, so we have followed some of your suggestions. First we hired a professional to produce the show and now we have segregated Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD talk to make it easy to avoid. This week we leave the format war talk for the end and start with comments and HD news. We won't always do it this way, but will try to make it easy for you to skip. We also make a point of mentioning what we are talking about and not leave some of you in the cold.

We do talk about syndication and what it takes to make it work as well as complaints about our local cable cos. Finally we end with some solid Blu-ray vs HD DVD talk where Matt and Ben wager on the price of the new HD DVD add on. Matt also lets us in on some details of the "Blu-ray drive not playing movies" fiasco. If you'd rather not hear anything this week about the high-def format war, you'll want to pay attention around the 37-minute mark.

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: Ben Drawbaugh, Erik Hanson and Matt Burns

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Format: 46:50, 21.5 MB, MP3

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