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Mac OS X Leopard tidbits roundup part 3

David Chartier

Here we go with another Mac OS X Leopard tidbits roundup - yes, certainly to be confused with our running WWDC 2006 tidbits roundup; I figured it's all about the Leopard now, as we've pretty much exhausted everything WWDC-related besides which brand of socks Mr. Jobs wears with his new Nikes. So enjoy this latest batch of small tips and improvements in the next big cat from Cupertino:

  • The ReadMe included with the Leopard requires G4, G5 or Intel processors - sorry G3 owners (ok, so maybe this isn't an improvement for the G3 folk out there, but it's still good to know)
  • We're receiving reports that Safari can resize any text areas (such as comment fields) on the fly. We can't confirm because we don't feel like risking the wrath of Jobs. Some of us have families, y'know
  • "Smart Renaming" - when renaming a file, the extension is no longer included in the file name selection (Someone buy that engineer a beer!)
  • If you have to rename a file extension, the Finder now includes a preference for disabling the extension renaming warning (a second round, comin' up!)
  • A new preference in the Dock System Preferences pane allows for toggling how quickly the Dock 'springs' when hidden
  • The Finder allows for customizing the amount of space between icons
  • iChat includes many handy window organizing features, such as a customizable keyboard shortcut for bringing the app to the front, as well as a preference for tabbed chats (instead of simply forcing it on those who aren't quite as hip on tabs)
  • It sounds like Safari will know when you've entered text into a website (for example: when leaving a comment in a forum), and can prompt you before quiting and blowing away unsaved changes
  • Spaces, thankfully, allows users to bind applications to one desktop or another. This will be handy for, well, keeping everything in its place, but it will probably be something to get used to for virtual desktop newbies
That's it for now. We'd post more, but we still have to walk that aforementioned line of not having to relocate to a building with "minimum security" in its title.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in

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