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PS3, Xbox 360 form truce for photo spread

Evan Blass

Sure, graphics and games may be all that are important to you when it comes to next-generation videogame consoles, but your spouse / significant other is probably even more concerned with how the device(s) will fit in to your home decor. Luckily for him / her, Games Radar got its hands on an exact wooden replica of the upcoming PS3 (straight from Sony, so you know it's the real deal), and did a little comparative photo shoot with the Xbox 360 so all of us have some idea of what to expect. As you can see, Sony's machine is living a lot larger than Microsoft's offering, but with its all-black exterior, the PS3 might actually be less obtrusive sitting among the rest of the gear in your rack. As appreciative as we are to Games Radar for providing some perspective on the aesthetic merits / detriments of both systems, we still think they could have taken a page out of DocCRP's book, and photographed the mockup next to every single object ever produced in the history of mankind. Oh well, maybe Doc just set the bar a little too high; keep reading for another angle, and then head over to GR for the rest of the *shudder* "pr0n"...

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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