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Sources promise real Wii info eventually


The meta-speculation about all things Wii is reaching a fever pitch lately. People are freaking out over fine print and creating complicated mathematical equations in an attempt to figure out the release date. We're excited, too -- we die a little inside on every day that isn't launch day -- but really, all this six degrees of the Wii is getting a little out of control. To wit: in today's round of Let's Speculate About Speculation, a Spanish Nintendo magazine called Nintendo Accion apparently revealed that details on the Wii would come "soon."

Yes, these days, soon is big news. Frantic fans are arguing whether or not that means the information will come around September 15th (the magazine's street date, though of course, the printed date usually has no connection with the actual release date of a magazine), or if we'll get the Wii details we're frothing for before September 15th. Or after. Or perhaps even on that fated date. So many possibilities when you're working with "soon."

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