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Warner preps second round of Blu-ray titles

Matt Burns

Warner Home Video just keeps on pumping out those HD DVD Blu-ray titles. You know, it seems that Warner is fully committed making money on this format war and they don't care what camp it is with. This second wave of titles from Warner are flicks that the HD DVD fans are already familiar with: Blazing Saddles, Firewall, Full Metal Jacket and Lethal Weapon. All of these releases are going to be just like the HD DVD flavor with the exception of Firewall which will not be a hybrid release. These titles are going to retail for $28.99, except for the new release Firewall that is going to go for $34.99, when they hit the shelves come September 5. That is if they don't get delayed like some of Blu-ray titles seem to do.

These titles have been added to our Google Blu-ray Release Calender.

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