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An unbiased guide to buying a plasma

Matt Burns

Buying a plasma can be more daunting than (did I get that right Steve and Marc) purchasing a new car. There are so many new players in this market, plus generally accept second-tier manufacturers like Samsung and LG are major players in this field. Brian Mitchell has posted a rather nicely laid out guide to buying a plasma TV over at eCoustics forums. He gives a shopper the option of choosing the set based on model number, viewing distance, resolution, or even price range. Sometimes these sets come with different proprietary technology like LG's XD Engine or Samsung's DNIe and even those are explained. If you are in the market for a plasma TV, take a look at this guide to get a rather nice idea what's currently available. For a complete overview of the different type of HDTVs available, you may want to peep our HDTV Buying Guide: Choosing the right kind.

[Thanks, Brian and nice work]

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