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Ask HDBeat: What are some good HDTV antennas?

Matt Burns

Jon R. is inquiring if we know of any good HDTV antennas. Well Jon, we do but let us get something straight first. An antenna is an antenna. Some can be geared more for the UHF band where most of the ATSC signals reside but if you are close enough to the broadcasting antenna, a coat hanger and tin-foil will work. Now that we have that out of the way, we have found that the Terk TV5 indoor antenna to be a reliable and inexpensive way to pick up ATSC signals. For outdoor antennas, you may want to try ether the Terk TV38 (I have installed this 12-foot beast on a 30 foot tower - fun) or Winegard's PR-8800, but before you run out and pick one of these up, read OTA HD Demystified and then OAT HUD Demystified: Redux. These posts will guide you through the choosing and installation of antennas if you want to pick ATSC signals.

Have you had good luck with a particular antenna you feel confident recommending to Jon?

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