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Developers and PS3's motion sensing still behind; proof of tacked-on controls?

Blake Snow

Game|Life got their hands on a preview of Sega's Full Auto 2: Battlelines on "real living breathing PS3 development stations" yesterday (video here). The verdict? While author Chris Kholer says the game has "lots of potential... for online fun," he was more surprised with the lack of motion-sensing controls that the developers had yet to implement, further suggesting that Sony rushed the technology to market in response to Nintendo's previously announced motion-sensing controls for Wii.

From the article: "The controllers we had in front of us didn't even have the motion sensors inside them... There was plenty of speculation after Sony's E3 conference that the motion-sensing functionality was jammed into the controller at the last minute as a reaction to Nintendo's strategy... Not to mention the fact that apparently the first many game developers had even heard of the functionality was right there at that press conference."

Regardless if Sony tacked-on motion-sensing controls or not, could its seemingly rushed delivery hurt the technology's future on the PS3?

[via Slashdot]

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