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MacZot and Disco ask you to trust them

Dan Lurie

MacZot and the guys behind AppZapper are asking all you hard working readers to fork over your cash for a yet-to-be-announced application by the name of Disco. The idea is you get in early at a price way below what the app will eventually cost; and you get access to the private beta.

Not much is known about Disco other than a few small screenshots, some hints given on the MacZot page, and some super-seekrit classified info (italicized for your reading pleasure) that I've been able to acquire from an anonymous source. What we know it does:

- 3D particle effects
- Motion sensing
- Sound sensing
- At times, the app icon will begin smoking as an indication of certain application activity

According to my source, a lot of effort has been put into making Disco look really, really good. Although it might sound that Disco is just a lot of fluff, I can assure you that it does serve a real purpose, and does do something useful. I just cant tell you what that something is.

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