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Made in the USA Radiient Technologies HDMI switch reviewed

Matt Burns

HDMI switches come in two flavors: cheap and high-end. There isn't many in between and Audioholics recently put the Radiient Technologies HDMI switch/repeater through the paces. First off, this former of the two types and retails for $399, but it utilizes some of the best circuity on the market. The only thing they found 'wrong' was that the switch only outputs to one HDMI sources. Even that isn't anything wrong with the quality of the unit. This switch preformed flawlessly and earned a perfect score of 5 out 5 in both the overall and value ratings. Sure, you can pick up a unit similar to this one at Monoprice for around a $132 but with Audioholics found this switch preformed in nearly the same way as a straight HDMI video feed. It is worth a few extra hundred dollars to some in order to guarantee the absolute best picture quality; maybe not to you, but it is to some. Plus, this switch is made in the good 'ol US of A. How many items in your A/V rack can say that?

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