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MailTags 2.0 public beta - organization redefined

David Chartier

It is with immense pleasure ladies and gentlemen that I am able to announce the public beta of MailTags 2.0 - an update (I can't say enough great things about) to Scott Morrison's indispensable message tagging plugin for which we've mentioned plenty of times already. This update takes tagging messages to entirely new levels with a host of new abilities, such as:

  • IMAP syncing of tags (so all your other machines can keep tags in sync (and not just over .Mac)
  • Spotlight and searching based on MailTags metadata (project, tag/keywords, notes, etc.)
  • Sending tags with outgoing messages (so other MailTags-using friends and coworkers can stay right in tune with your tags)
  • Displaying keywords, projects and due dates in the message list view
  • Assigning colors to projects, due dates and priorities - great, for example, if a message becomes overdue (marked in red) or for marking all messages of a particular project as green
  • Display custom notes in place of a message's actual subject in the list view
These new features, and more, are all in addition to MailTags' standard abilities of being able to create iCal todo's and add extra notes to messages. In case you haven't taken this plugin for a test drive yet, virtually all of these features, including whether the message sidebar you see above is displayed or hidden, are customizable to your heart's content.

I was able to participate in the beta process for this plugin and I must to say: Scott had to threaten me to keep this from being posted on TUAW sooner (kidding). Honestly though: I think this is the best organizing aid for email I've ever seen, and I highly recommend it (in case you can't tell) for anyone who's been looking for a better way to wrangle their inbox. No, Scott isn't paying me to say this (we don't roll like that), and yes: I'm purchasing a license just like everyone else.

Speaking of licenses: MailTags 2.0 ushers in the shareware era for MailTags (the previous 1.2 version is still available, however, as donationware). It comes as a fully functioning 30 day demo (Tiger required, Universal Binary), while a full licenses costs $30 (easily a steal). During this beta period, however, a license can be purchased for a discounted price of $25, and I can honestly say that you should run, not walk, to grab a copy of such a productivity improving masterpiece as MailTags 2.0.

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