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Researchers set new transistor speed record


Ok, so there's no wind in your hair or chance of an immediate fiery death, but a world speed record's a world speed record, and when it could also lead to better and cheaper cellphones and digital cameras, we're all ears. At least that's what could be coming down the pipe thanks to the speedy new transistors created by researchers at the University of Southampton. What's even better is that they've done it with just a simple modification to existing transistor technology, meaning it should be fairly easy to move it from the research stage to the production line. The speed gain was achieved by adding fluorine implants to the silicon layers of the transistor, making the transistor thinner and more effective, ultimately topping out at a speed of 110 GHz, leaving the previous record of 70 GHz in the nanoscopic dust.

[Via Slashdot]

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