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Xbox Live Arcade Stick priced at $50, includes games


Contrary to what the recently deceased EB Games page indicated, the newly revealed Xbox Live Arcade Stick from Mad Catz will actually retail for $49.99 and will come bundled with extras. Several full Live Arcade games are to be included with the purchase, simultaneously enhancing the stick's value and implying that someone working for the prolific peripheral producer does, in fact, have a functioning brain. We're rather fond of those.

The leaked (and still very small) sales sheet was promptly yanked because Mad Catz is still gripped by the process of finalizing which games they'll be tossing in. If we weren't barred entry from metaphorical casinos, we'd place our brightly colored chips on Frogger, Galaga and Pac-Man being the survivors of a rigorous selection process. It's unclear as to what kind of an endorsement would make the Arcade Stick itself survive the retail world, though a sticker reading "Not the standard D-pad!" would probably suffice.

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