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What's on HDTV for Fall 2006?


The fall television season is almost here and it brings with it a bevy of new shows, new seasons for old shows, and old favorites moving to new timeslots. Add to that the prospect of quick cancellations and you've got a situation that can be very hard to keep track of. Luckily the networks have made things easier for us this year by producing practically every prime time show in HD so you don't have to guess, with the exception of reality shows. The guys at AVSForum have put together a continuously updated list of summer/fall/winter shows, what's in HD and what isn't, what's premiering tomorrow (Prison Break, Vanished) and what we'll be waiting until September or October to see (The Office, The Nine). They've even got the new networks, The CW and MyNetworkTV listed, although Dancing with the Stars isn't indicated HD yet. Keep an eye on the daily listings as well, we'll continue to give you a heads up on all the new shows this fall.

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