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10 ways Madden could be better [update 1]

Blake Snow

With the release of Madden '07 this week, Giant Mag explores 10 reasons why the football game sucks and how to make it better. From the article: "You know, the technology exists to take that about-to-be-obsolete copy of Madden '06 and add this year's rosters changes and schedules, all for a modest fee. It's called Xbox Live Marketplace, and it's a shame EA doesn't allow people to make their old games new again."

But if EA did that, they couldn't sell $50 rehashes (and it's a rehash unless significant game improvements happen says Giant Mag). So to slightly paraphrase Mr. Madden, "At the end of the day, the [publisher] with the most money wins." Boom!

[via Kotaku]

[Update 1: corrected grammer in headline]

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