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AMEX Digital launches M505-BDR Blu-ray recording HTPC

Darren Murph

We've known this Blu-ray-equipped media center PC was on the horizon, and now AMEX Digital is finally dropping the pimped-out M505-BDR in Europe with even crazier specs than we originally thought. Aside from sporting that swank single-layer Blu-ray burner -- which not only plays Blu-ray titles, but also upscales normal 'ole DVDs to "stunning 1080p" resolution -- the M505 apparently houses an unidentified Intel Core 2 Duo processor on the Intel 945P Express chipset, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 1.5TB of SATA disk space, and a UK-friendly dual hybrid analog / digital DVB-T TV tuner. This beast also rocks Gigabit LAN, 802.11b/g WiFi, a FireWire connector, 8.1 channel HD audio, and, of course, an HDMI port that doesn't bother to tout its HDCP compliancy (or lack thereof). This Windows Media Center 2005-powered machine delivers that crystal clear HD video via the ATI X1600 graphics card, and AMEX even throws in a "multi-function" remote to control the action from your oh-so-comfy loveseat. The drool-worthy device is set to be released to European markets on August 28th at a cost of near $2,000 -- but considering the lofty prices for standalone Blu-ray burners and players alike, we'd say this looks like a bargain; and don't forget the free Blu-ray title (apparently of your choice) that comes with the purchase, perhaps sending fence-sitters squarely into the "buyers" camp.

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