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Apple special event on Sept. 25

Scott McNulty

Gentlemen, start your rumormongering. Apple has invited the UK press to a special event on September 25th during Photokina 2006 which is a large photography conference in Germany. This is Apple's first time at this conference, and certainly their first special event there.

So, what do you think they'll be announcing? The smart money is on a revamped Aperture but I know some people will be expecting a Tablet Mac or an iPhone. I hereby predict that there will be a spate of articles telling us all how disappointing this special event was, no matter what Apple does.

[via Infinite Loop]

Update: This is looking less and less like a 'Special Event' (notice the caps) and more like a special event, read press presentation. Now, that's not to say that Apple won't announce something super great, it is just much less likely. Darn my enthusiasm for all things Special Events related.

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