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EA adopts Epic's Unreal Engine for select next-gen titles [update 1]

Blake Snow

Epic Games and EA announced late Friday that the latter will license the Unreal Engine 3 for use in several next-gen titles that are currently in development. Notable games already using the technology include the obvious Unreal Tournament, Mass Effect, and the upcoming Gears of War for Xbox 360.

"What's the Unreal Engine 3?" the laymen asks? From the press release: "The Unreal Engine has been designed to ease content creation and programming, with the goal of putting as much power as possible in the hands of artists with minimal programmer assistance; and to give programmers a highly modular and extensive framework for building, testing, and shipping games in a wide range of genres."

What's a modular framework? You're on your own.

[Update 1: corrected game titles using Unreal Engine 3]

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