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First PS3 interface video walkthrough

Evan Blass

You've already seen wooden mockups, developer kits, prototype controllers, and even blurry interface shots, but now for the first time ever, IGN has scored an exclusive video walkthrough of exactly how the menu system will operate when you first power up your brand new PlayStation 3. As noted before, the interface takes many of its cues from the highly-regarded PSP GUI, with simple drop down menus giving you access to all the important settings like video resolution, audio output, and management of your virtual friends. Although the interface may appear a little barebones to some, it certainly comes across as quite functional and intuitive, and Sony promises that there will be some degree of configurability for those of you who love to schlock up your MySpace pages. Anyway, instead of wasting your time reading our amateurish description of the walkthrough, why not hit the vid itself on Google Video; or for more complete viewing options (higher resolutions, different formats), head over to IGN directly by following the Read link...

[Via Joystiq]

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