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How HD gets from your tuner to monitor

Matt Burns

Yah ever wonder how the 'tv stuff'' gets from your tuner, could be built-in or set-top box flavor, to your screen. HD1080i has a rather nice explanation of the process, although, we would still like to see a magic school bus episode with that crazy teacher flying through the inside of a DLP cabinet. By understanding what is actually going on, a person therefore can track down and fix issues with the picture a lot easier. Digital signals travel on a sort of transport stream made up of Mpeg signals. It is also this practice that can create those 'blocks' on the screen everyone loves to hate. Those 'blocks' are caused by lack of bandwidth and the hardware trying to produce something for the area affected. Like stated in the hd1080i article, if you see LOTS of block, call your cable company as they might not know there is a problem in your area, but unfortunately, some of these blocks are considered normal. This article might bring to light what is actually going on in that colossal HDTV of yours but we still think a ride in the magic school bus would be better.

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