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Samsung's 70-inch LCD TV biggest yet to hit retail


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Sure, those 100-inch LCDs are all well and good if your living room happens to encompass a large international tradeshow at all times, but if you'd prefer an LCD TV you can actually purchase and lug home for reals, Samsung's new 70-incher is your biggest option yet. They're busting out this monster in the first half of 2007, and are packing in all the niceties like a 2000:1 contrast ratio, a sub-8ms response time, 600 nits of brightness and of course a juicy 1080p resolution. The display bests the 65-incher from Sharp which currently holds the LCD throne, and Samsung will be showing it off at the upcoming International Meeting on Information Displays on the 23rd of this month -- where we doubt it will fail to impress.

[Via HD Beat, thanks Nandini]

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