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The Onyx - Synaptics' ClearPad concept phone

Peter Rojas

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This is totally on the concept design tip and so won't ever actually be produced, but check out the Onyx, a prototype handset that Synaptics and Pilotfish put together that uses Synaptics' new ClearPad touch screen. We're still not totally sold on button-less phones -- we crave the tactility -- but the Onyx lets you do stuff like close an app by drawing an "X" over it with your finger, send messages by swiping them off the screen, and answer a call simply by placing the phone against your cheek. Don't expect to ever actually get your hands on the Onyx, but Synaptics is planning to make ClearPad available to manufacturers around the end of the year, so there's a decent chance that phones like it could start showing up within a couple of years.

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