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Ultimate AV Review: Syntax-Brillian 6580iFB03 1080p 65-inch LCoS HDTV

Matt Burns

Syntax-Brillian is a brand that many normal consumers have not heard of but they are out to change that. Did you know that they actully hold the trademark term on LCoS? Ultimate AV had the chance to review one of their newest TVs that they are known for. Big LCoS sets. The 6580iFB03 scored overall rather nicely even though being on the high-end of the scale with $8,000 price tag. That price gets the owner the professional calibration we are always telling you that you need though. But most importantly, that high price tag gets you and we quote "the best overall picture of any RPTV I've seen." This HDTV is all about the picture and if you can get past the circa 1994 cabinet, you will have a great high-def experience. This TV isn't for everyone but if that $8,000 price tag doesn't make you blink, check out this review and then find a Syntax-Brillian dealer to see the set in person.


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