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Will Monster Cable go after [the monster] Intel next?

Matt Burns

Is Intel going to be the next company up to get sued by everyones favorite audio video cable company (sarcasm can be hard to write) Monster Cable? Monster Cable apparently 'owns' the right to the word monster and have gone after company and company that use the word monster anywhere. CEPro found an advertisement for Intel that is sure to make the Monster legal team giggle with glee. There hasn't been any filings yet, but judging by Monster Cable's past, we don't put it past them.

Companies sued by Monster for use of the word monster - via Wikipedia

  • Monster Garage
  • Monster House
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Snow Monster - kids skiing group
  • MonsterVintage - small used clothing store
  • Monsters INC
  • Monster's of the Midway - Chicago Bears
  • Fenway Park's Monster seats

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