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Ziova's CS510 High Definition Network Media Player


Not content with simply changing its name, Ziova (formerly Zensonic) has also taken the occasion to hit us with a new wireless network media player sporting their fresh new moniker, the HDMI-equipped CS510. Unlike Ziova's also-recently-announced CS505, which includes a built-in DVD drive, the CS510 is basically just a shiny box that'll handle playback duties of media residing elsewhere -- either on your PC via a WiFi or Ethernet connection or on a USB hard drive or flash drive connected directly to the device. Video formats supported include Windows Media Video 9, XviD, Nero Digital Cinema Profiles, and MPEG-4, among others -- strangely absent, however, is any DivX love, which could just be an oversight given that Zensonic's earlier players boasted support for it. On the audio front, it'll handle FLAC, OGG, AAC, MP3, Windows Media Audio 9, and CD Audio, among others -- and, as you can see, it is also fully Rush-compliant.

[Thanks, Lloyd L]

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