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Breakfast Topic: What Are You Looking Forward to in Patch 1.12?


With patch 1.12 presumably rolling out today, I've just got to ask - what are you most eager to see coming with the patch? Cross-realm battlegrounds? The changes to the honor system? The new outdoor PvP objectives? The new interface improvements? The many rogue class changes? Or perhaps something else I've neglected to mention? I honestly think my personal favorite is a minor UI change - the ability to have nameplates appear over friendly players as well as hostiles and NPCs. As a healer, I think this will give me a better idea of the health of those around me in a chaotic situation where I may not be near my group (Alterac Valley anyone?). However, the changes to the honor system have also piqued my interest, and I know I'll have to give the world PvP objectives an attempt or two. But what are you looking forward to the most?

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