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Creative Zen Vision:M due for 60GB upgrade next month?


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All we've really got to go on so far is a quote from Creative Labs president Craig McHugh during their quarterly earnings conference call, but just because we don't have the word from a friend of a friend and didn't get the message passed in invisible ink doesn't mean we have to discount it entirely. Thus saith Craig: "As I mentioned earlier, what we're doing with the Zen Vision:M at the $299 level and then increasing it when we add 60GB." That marvelously ambiguous statement could mean $300 60 giggers, or a new pricepoint for the new size, but either way it looks like there's a new Zen Vision:M headed our way. Other rumors point to a September launch date to coincide with Microsoft's WMP11 launch for Windows XP, and it sounds to be a good a date as any. The real question is when Creative will be ready ready to compete with iPod video 2.0 and the forthcoming Zune -- they need something to combat the real topic of the conference call: hefty losses -- but a storage bump still can't go far amiss.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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