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Downtime Compensation for Select US Realms


Blizzard will be providing a 24-hour credit to the realms that were having so much difficulty over this past weekend, which I suppose is better than nothing. However, I must say that their list of affected realms doesn't match mine, or include mine, which was offline or unplayable for a good portion of the weekend. In fact, the list includes the realm Tanaris, which is the realm I rolled a new alt to play on while my usual realm was offline.

The realms 24-hour credits are being applied to include the following 31 realms: Aerie Peak, Altar of Storms, Andorhal, Anetheron, Anvilmar, Black Dragonflight, Blackwing Lair, Dalaran, Dalvengyr, Deathwing, Demon Soul, Dentarg, Doomhammer, Executus, Gnomeregan, Haomarush, Icecrown, Jaedenar, Kel'Thuzad, Khadgar, Lethon, Onyxia, Scilla, Sentinels, Tanaris, The Venture Co, Thrall, Turalyon, Uldaman, Ysera, and Ysondre.

However, the 20 realms that were experiencing downtime throughout the weekend were these: Andorhal, Anetheron, Archimonde, Black Dragonflight, Dalaran, Daivengyr, Dentarg, Duskwood, Executus, Haomarush, Khadgar, Mal'Ganis, Norgannon, Scilla, Steamweedle Cartel, Thrall, Turalyon, Ysera, Ysondre, and Zuluhed. It looks like they've missed 6 of the original problem realms and added numerous realms that weren't listed as having problems over the weekend. Is anyone else confused?

Update: The list of realms has been modified to one that appears to be accurate. The official post on the subject can be found here.

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