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    LG's 5-megapixel KG920 put through its paces

    Chris Ziegler

    If you're looking for some serious megapixelage in your phone and you're willing to sacrifice a little pocketability, your options are starting to expand (even if you're not in Japan or Korea): you've got a couple choices from Nokia's stable, Sony Ericsson's K790 / K800 series, and this here KG920 from LG, to name a few. MobileBurn's had the opportunity to put the latter through its battery of tests, and unless you're a diehard LG fan, it looks like the curiously-designed candybar is best skipped. Though picture camera was generally fantastic (as you would hope from a 5-megapixel CCD with autofocus and a xenon flash), the camera controls were sluggish, and the device itself is difficult to hold when snapping pictrues, thanks in no small part to its odd design. Making matters worse, the KG920 packs a dismal 820mAh battery, leaving the multimedia-centric device tied to its charger much of the time -- not to mention it tended to run hot after just a few minutes of active use. Add the miserable 8MB of internal memory, the old, slow LG user interface, and the love-it-or-hate-it keypad, and we're thinking your bucks are best spent elsewhere.

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