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Newman's do-it-all, swivel-screen M790 DAP

Evan Blass

You'd think that we would have heard of a company that's made (or perhaps rebadged) literally hundreds of DAPs and PMPs since 2004, but until we came across the swivel-screen M790, we'd never caught wind of a Chinese manufacturer called Newman. Most of its products are simply cookie-cutter devices that resemble so many of the other products we've featured on these pages, but the M790's unique design and large-ish 2.5-inch screen convinced us to give it another look. As with many foreign products of its ilk, this DAP's exact specs are a little hard to come by, but we do know that it sports a QVGA resolution, built-in speakers, a camera of some undetermined pixel count (machine translation pegs it as a 20 megapixel shooter, but frankly we're a bit suspect), and support for MP3, WMA, JPEG, and unspecified video files. Storage on this one is a paltry 512MB (expandable through the SD / MMC slot), but that's just as well, as it'll take a pretty long time to load up even that amount of data over the sluggish USB 1.1 connection. Also along for the ride are your typical assortment of dictionaries, games, voice recording, audio line-in, and the all important timekeeping functionality. It seems like you can pick up the M790 sometime this month (maybe even right now!), but it's obviously not available in the US, so factor in the cost of a plane ticket to China along with however many yuan this happens to be retailing for.

[Via Anything But iPod]

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