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The arcade stick of your (expensive) dreams [update 1]


Do you love Street Fighter II? Tired of getting owned by noobs because of crappy D-pads? Are you also rich? Well, then we have the arcade stick for you! Brought to you by GoPodular, these massive beasts were ripped straight from the arcade cabinets of yore. Made from the same sturdy materials, GoPodular promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Even better, the sticks support almost any available system, including the 360.

So, anything this good will have a catch, of course. These suckers weigh in at US $225 before you plunk down another $75 for the 360 adapter cart. Ouch Town, population you, buddy. Unless you have a serious jones for true fighting game control, we suggest you wait for the cheaper -- and more well-known -- X-Arcade stick to come out with a 360 adapter (presumably coming soon). Then again, we'd love to be proven wrong. Your move, GoPodular.

[Update: The GoPodular guys cleared up some confusion in the comments. The standard PC cart can be switched with the 360 cart, thus making the actual cost $245. Still pretty steep, but much better overall. Also check out the comments for some clarification on the differences between X-Arcade and GoPodular.]

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