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30 USB port-powered "BBQ"


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Ok, so it's really more of a hotplate than a Barbeque, but for sheer excessiveness and USB-ness this DIY project from Kaizo Aho Ichidai cannot be denied. After not surprisingly failing to get enough juice from a single 500mw USB port to fry an egg, Kaizo went all out and dropped six USB expansion cards into his PC, giving him a ridiculous total of 30 USB ports, all of which got re-wired to a modified USB cup warmer. In no time he had a hot, albeit small meal, and as far as well can tell, a still-working computer. Needless to say, this is one project we don't recommend trying at home, unless you've already managed to build a USB-powered fire extinguisher.

[Via Dottocomu]

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