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Contact: hands-on


Contact is one of those games that after reading tons of stuff about it, reviewing message boards and reading previews, you are still somewhat lost to what it is. IGN understands. In their preview of Contact, they immediately tell you that Contact is something you have to play to ever fully understand what it is about. This leaves us very confused, but intrigued.

Apparently you, the player, are nothing more that the player of the game and you are looking in on two worlds that you somehow link together just by existing. You aren't the hero of the story, just the link. Wow. A lot to take in and understand, we know.

You do control the movements of the character Terry while simultaneously watching what a professor is doing on the top screen. Terry doesn't know you are moving him around and in a way you are God of this game, but not, because you are still only yourself. Still confused? Welcome to the club.

Contact definitely sounds different in a good, non-Jodi Foster kind of way and we are interested to see what comes of it. An action RPG at its core with a splash of deus ex machina, some rather interesting promises have been made. Contact seems like the type of game that could either succeed, or nose dive to the ground.

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