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Could Bioware be hot for the DS?


BioWare Corp (Star Wars: KOTOR, Jade Empire) might be showing some interest in the DS. They recently sent out a survey to selected web site members asking questions like these:

  • "Would you buy a handheld system specifically to play an RPG based on Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Neverwinter Nights?"
  • "Would you buy a handheld RPG based on classic BioWare series such as Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: KOTOR or Neverwinter Nights?"

We are left wondering what they would have in mind. A Jade Empire-esk RPG with Wi-Fi battles would be nice. Or, there's nothing wrong with the idea of another Star Wars: KOTOR.

There isn't anything on their web site suggesting that they are stewing away at a new DS project. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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