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GSM for when you're near civilization, sat for when you're not

Chris Ziegler

Sure, a satellite-only handset can cover you virtually regardless of where you happen to be on the globe. But what's the fun in paying those multi-dollar per minute airtime charges for those times when beaming your voice to space and back might be a little, shall we say, overkill? Asia Pacific Satellite Industry feels our pain, prepping their SG-2520 phone with GSM for everyday use plus satellite calling for those days when you find yourself inexplicably trapped on the summit of K2. Hybrid satellite/GSM handsets are nothing new, but what sets the SG-2520 apart is that it's doing its best to front like your average trendy, feature-rich candybar: besides voice calling, your hard-earned cash is going to get you a color display, GPS, Bluetooth, a music player, 1.3-megapixel camera, all crammed into a relatively svelte 19mm of thickness. Hip or not, folks are going to know exactly what you're up to when that monster of a sat antenna is at full mast.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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