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Lost in Blue 2


You know the question "what would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island?" Well, Lost in Blue tried to answer just that last year by making players survive on an island with only one companion.

Like the first game, Lost in Blue 2 will have you take control of a male character stranded on an island with a female friend at his side. Players might be pleased that a few changes have been made. The girl can now hold her breath longer, she is more accurate with a bow and better at finding certain ingredients for meals. The boy is better at recovering energy, climbing trees and fighting. Their island will feature unpredictable climate changes causing the island to experience earthquakes and hurricanes.

The stylus will play a more important role in the game this time around. It will be used for carpentry, wicker work and cooking food. Lost in Blue 2's (that kinda rhymes eh? Just add an 'electric boogaloo' to the end and we've made some magic) new features will make the game more challenging. We can only imagine how one would stay stable during an earthquake or hurricane.

[Via Nintendo DS Emulation]

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