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Microsoft keeps those gaming peripherals a comin'


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Along with that new Razer-powered Habu mouse, Microsoft is busting out two more gaming devices with the realization that sometimes noobs need to get their game on too. The first one is and oldie but a goodie: they're relaunching the well-loved IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, first launched in 2002. "People were literally carrying around their IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0s in protective glass cases," says Microsoft's Bill Jukes. The mouse includes 9,000 frames-per-second tracking along with "Precision Booster" and "Gaming Toggle" buttons. Microsoft is also cutting the cord on their Xbox 360 controller for PCs, with a new wireless version that works with your compy or 360. The IntelliMouse should be out in October for $40, with the wireless 360 controller following in December for $60.

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