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Nokia-branded 6215i from Pantech comes to Verizon

Chris Ziegler

The Pantech-Nokia deal is finally starting to bear some fruit -- the 6315i came first, though we reckon this here 6215i stands as the first Nokia-branded Pantech device that Verizon customers can actually get their paws on. You may recall that in a previous life this basic clamshell was known as the PN-315; Nokia must've seen something in it that we haven't, because there's not much to get excited about. For your 50 contract dollars, you get a VGA cam with flash and a speakerphone (but not so much of that EV-DO data Nokia had contracted with Pantech to launch). Not a bad cheap Pantech in its own right, but without those chiseled, Finnish good looks, you're not really fooling anyone, fellas.

[Via MobileTracker]

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