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EasyBox : New set-top box to pimp your Swiss chalet

Cyrus Farivar

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The Swiss have an easy life, don't they? Watches, chocolate, skiing -- what else could you want? Surely an EasyBox, this new set-top box straight outta Zürich, would spice up your lonely winter evenings sitting by the fireplace in the living room of your Alpine châlet, no? This hot little number is packed tightly into a 4.5-inch square box that's two inches smaller than a Mac mini -- so small in fact, that it's "extrem kompakt." It also has two easy-access USB ports in the front, which is nice, but surely the Swiss engineers could do better than the paltry one CF reader in the front. It's also frontin' an ultra Euro ghetto fabulous 200 MHz processor, and 128MB of RAM. All in all, the EasyBox seems like a good idea, but might pinch your Swiss bank account a bit at 484 Swiss Francs ($394). For that price you could nearly buy a Mac mini anyway.

[Thanks, radraf]

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