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OLPC gets a name: the CM1, or Children's Machine

Evan Blass

So, it's official: the hundred-plus-dollar laptop spearheaded by Nicholas Negroponte -- and called the OLPC up to this point for lack of better terminology -- can now be definitively referred to as the CM1, or The Children's Machine. The 7.5-inch, 1,200 x 900 pixel configurable and mesh-networkable notebook, which runs a Fedora Linux distro powered by a 400MHz AMD Geode processor, is meant to supply kids in developing countries with a super-cheap way to access the Internet and thus bridge the so-called technological divide. Although India has publicly scorned the string-powered lappy as "pedagogically suspect," several other nations have expressed interest in submitting the minimum required order of one million units; so unless players like Microsoft suddenly swoop in with their own alternatives, it looks like the CM1 is well on its way to seeing widespread distribution. Three cheers for The Children's Machine, and three more for the fact that we can stop awkwardly referring to this product by the name of the project.

[Via OLPC News]

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